Learn. Communicate. Inspire.

26-27 september
International trade center (Moscow)

As life changes so does education and the attitude towards it. The development of information technologies: e-learning, network platforms, big data and artificial intelligence are taking education to a new level. #EdCrunch is collecting the best cases from all over the world so that you start creating education of the future right away.

Who is it for?

The conference will be interesting for everyone who wants to know more about innovations in education. We welcome representatives of the professional educational community (teachers, instructors, heads of educational institutions and corporate universities, educational department representatives) as well as philanthropists, founders of charity funds, investors and educational startups.

What is notable about #EDCRUNCH?

Amazing speakers and heated discussions, enriching case studies and new acquaintances, live talks with experts and informal communication with fellow-thinkers.

Main topic of #EDCRUNCH 2017:

Education 3.0. Customization and Personalization Technologies.

Personalized teaching is one of the most widely discussed and popular teaching methods at any stage of education. The effectiveness of its application, however, depends not only on technological capabilities but also on teachers’ competencies and their willingness to move forward.

Why should you visit the conference?

The goal of #EdCrunch is to look into the future and see what education will be like 5-10 years from today. In order for that to happen we bring together those people who are changing the educational landscape right now.

We will help you to take a glance at the world educational kitchen so that you can see the most innovative schools and understand why the rankings of Finland in the educational rating are growing year after year, find out what the state-of-the-art universities are doing and how global companies train their employees.

We believe that it will help you create your own best recipe of future education.

Where else besides Moscow?

In 2017 #EdCrunch expanded its geographical scope and entered the regions. #EdCrunch Saint Petersburg, the first large-scale forum for parents, and #EdCrunch Urals, a conference on new educational technologies in higher education, took place in April. #EdCrunch Far East, whose topic is new educational technologies at school, will be held in September.

Program Committee

Nurlan Kiyasov

#EdCrunch Founder and Program Director, Vice President for Education of the Rybakov Foundation

Isak Frumin

Academic Supervisor, the National Research University Higher School of Economics

Alexander Volkov

Head of Academic and Methodology Office, the NUST «MISIS»

Taras Pustovoy

Director of the Center of Innovative Educational Technologies, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Vasiliy Tretyakov

Director of the Institute of Open Educational Technologies, Ural Federal University

Vladimir Tikhomirov

Chair of the Expert Council on IT in Education and Science within the Russian Parliament Committee for Education and Science

Galina Mozhaeva

Chair of Humanitarian Problems in IT, Tomsk State University

Nikolay Vyakhkhe

Founder of a charitable project for creating online-constructor and platform for Stepic free classes and courses

Organizational Committee

Alevtina Chernikova

President of the NUST «MISIS»

Igor Rybakov

Cofounder of the Rybakov Foundation

Nurlan Kiyasov

Vice President for Education of the Rybakov Foundation

Ekaterina Dmitrieva

Head of the #EdCrunch conference, Supervisor of the Lifelong Learning track

Irina Bykadorova

Supervisor of the Pre-School Education track

Elena Savina

Supervisor of the School Education track

Elena Vatbolskaya

Supervisor of the Higher Education track

Maria Podlesnova

CEO, Rusbase, Supervisor of the Corporate Training track

Irina Novikova

Coordinator of the Pre-day

Tatiana Khrustaleva

Project Manager

Daria Levina

Project Manager

Olga Bulycheva

Project Manager

Danila Garkavenko

Project Manager