Press center

Dear colleagues, here you can find all the necessary information about the #EdCrunch conference. For more information, please email at

Accreditation at #EDCRUNCH

Media editorial staff registered in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation «On Mass Media» are entitled to accreditation. Representatives of advertising, PR, development or marketing departments of media organizations, as well as the media which do not publish news on the topics of the Conference, may be refused accreditation. Exceptions are representatives of #EdCrunch information partners and press services of business partners of the Event.

Participation in the Event is free for media representatives. Accreditation of all journalists is issued on request. Requests for accreditation must be emailed at with the name of the media specified in the subject. Persons who have not registered online will not be able to access the venue of the Event.

Reference policy

Accreditation of media representatives for the #EdCrunch conference is possible on condition of mutual adherence to the rules of accreditation, reference policy and, upon request of the Event press service, presentation of print materials (for print media), broadcast recordings (for TV and radio) and links to online materials (for electronic media).

When official information or direct quotations from participants are used in published materials, they must contain a reference to #EdCrunch and credit the source of information or include a link to the official website. No alterations, additions or distortions of copied (cited) information are allowed.