In spite of the development of technologies and the introduction of new standards that are rapidly changing educational environment, the teacher’s personality is still what matters the most. Communication with an adult, who you trust and whose opinion you listen to, influences the creation of the future.

The i-Teacher competition was created to find and reward the very best innovative teachers who inspire colleagues and students and influence the future of education and generations to come.

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The i-Teacher competition is administered as part of the «Equal Opportunities» competition program that discovers and supports school, teachers’ and students’ initiatives that deserve to be developed and replicated in the country’s educational institutions.

The «Equal Opportunities» program:

progressive ideas
reveals and replicates the best Russian practices
involves both teacher’s, parent’s and student’s audiences as well as local communities into the program of the competition;
creates a community of proactive, teachers, education leaders, students, parents and everyone who is interested in the problems of education

The program includes 3 competitions:

Educational Projects’ Zone — School

A competition of school teams’ (teachers, parents, students) projects. It is implemented during an academic year. It is targeted towards discovering school initiatives that deserve to be supported and replicated in the country’s educational institutions.

Administration of the competition:
April 2017 — August 2017

Implementation and supervision of the projects:
September 2017 — June 2018.


A competition to discover and support talented progressive school teachers who use modern educational technologies in the teaching process.

Administration of the competition:
September 2017 — December 2017

Educational Projects’ Zone — Student

A project marathon for school students’ teams. It is targeted towards discovering and developing project ideas and creating a «Dream School.»

Administration of the competition:
January 2017 — April 2018