Yaroslav Kuzminov

Rector of NRU HSE

In 1992 Yaroslav Kuzminov and Evgeny Yasin came forward with the project of a new type of university specializing in Economics.

In 2011 Y. Kuzminov headed the Expert Group “Labor market, Professional Education, and Migration Policy” in the framework of the development of the Russian Federation “Strategy 2020”.

Yaroslav Kuzminov is member of presidium of Presidential Economic Council; Deputy Head of the National Coordination Council for Supporting Young Gifted People; member the Presidential Commission on for Civil Service and Management Personnel Pool established; member of the Government Commission for the Coordination of the Open Government; member of the Government Commission on Economic Development and Integration et etc.

Professor Kuzminov is an author of more than 100 academic works published in Russia and abroad, and a co-author of over 10 monographs and textbooks. He has been also regularly writing for leading Russian and foreign periodicals.

By decrees of the President of the Russian Federation Y. Kuzminov has been awarded the Order For Merit to the Fatherland (2012) of the IV class and the Order of Honour (2002).

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