Kirill Medvedev

Director, «New school»

Director of the "New School", Candidate of PhD in Mathematics. He is one of the founders of the Creative Laboratory of the lyceum "The second school", an associate professor of the VShSSN of Moscow State University. Kirill is also a six-time winner of prestigious the All-Russian competition of teachers of the Dynasty Foundation.

As part of his scientific activities, he is a frequent participant in international grant programs. As a member of the expert team made the selection of participants of the project "Teacher for Russia". Kirill is member of the Expert Council of the Polytechnic Museum and the Foundation for the Development of the Polytechnic Museum. He is a member of the Expert Council of the educational program "Lift to the Future".

He supervised art festivals and art experiments: "Horizons of the Future" in the Sirius Center, TelepARTation in the Sirius Center, and "I'm a Solar Mathematician" at the Orlyonok VDC.

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