Juha Ollila

Head of Strategy at Edafin

Juha Ollila is the Head of Strategy at Edafin. Edafin is a Finnish expert organization creating educational excellence. Edafin is specialized in designing and implementing tailor-made and state-of-the-art Finnish educational and learning solutions. Juha is also an education specialist and a teacher at the city of Espoo, the second biggest city in Finland. Juha is a member of the curriculum developing team in Espoo and he has a teaching position at the Karamzin school.

Juha Ollila has more than 15 years of experience about educational systems and teacher training from Finland and abroad. He has previously been working as a Manager for International Affairs at the University of Turku for the KiVa Anti-bullying
Program. Juha has also been a member of a steering group for the FutureLearningFinland, which is a Finnish national education export program, offering Finnish educational know-how and learning solutions globally.

Juha Ollila is also extremely enthusiastic about educational technology and EdTech-startups. He is a valued member and a pedagogical and educational mentor at xEdu. xEdu is an educational business accelerator which brings educational excellence and entrepreneurial mindset together to boost the creation of future-proof education products and services. Juha has been working with EdTech-startups like Mightifier, Seppo.io, Bomberbot, Revisely and out of education-scene also with Uplause.

Juha has a master’s degree in Science of Education from the University of Turku, specialized in Information and Computer Science, Art Education and Physical Education. Juha has been studying Science of Education, Educational Psychology and Teacher Training also in Austria and in Hungary. He has also done studies as Peer-Group Mentor at the University of Helsinki and Finnish Network for Teacher’s Induction «Osaava Verme». More recently he obtained the diploma for Skillful Future Principals from Educode.

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