Ludmilla Rozhdestvenskaya

Educational technologist TKVG

After graduating from the Moscow State University for 25 years worked as a teacher of mathematics and computer science. Currently as a Vice-principle of Tallinn Central District Russian School (TKVG) I am developing educational technologies in school. I am engaged in adult education since 1988. Working as a coach of the «DigiTiiger» project since 2004, I have trained more than 600 teachers in Estonia. I also participated in educational projects on ICT training in Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Since 2009 — author and expert of the Educational Intel Galaxy portal. In 2013 I received the «Certified Google Teacher» title. I am maintaining numerous educational blogs and several educational communities. Author and co-author of the books «Google Apps for Education» and «Step of School into Blended learning»

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