Timour Shchukine

Partner NakedMinds

Member of project group of foresights «Education 2030», Projector pf programms, leader, moderator and analyst of foresights «Competitions 2030», «Transport strategy of RF», «Strategy of university towns », co-creator , coordinator and leader of technoproject social movement «Russis 2045» (www.2045.ru), projector of programms, leader, moderator , analyst in organization of collective activity , of project «NeuroNet». — head of main offcie of workshop «Neuronet» NTI, — co-founder of «Russian group on NeuroNet». Professional interests: psychophysiology and neurophysiology, bio feedback, virtual collaborative work environment, methodology of collective work, collective subject and technologization of collective activity.

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Neuronet meta-competences and comprehensive feedback techniques in education Cyberstudents, neuroscience and educational technologies