Olga Ryasnaya-Bredikhina

Biology teacher, Veshnyakovskaya Linguistic Gymnasium No. 1389, Moscow

Biology teacher in Veshnyakovskaya Linguistic Gymnasium No. 1389 (Moscow) and senior lecturer on Information Technologies at the MPSU Education Department. Graduated from the Biochemistry Department of the MIOE State University of Humanities & Technology and Management in Education.

Finalist of the Teacher of the Year Award in Moscow. She received the Russian Presidential Award for achievements in developing ICT-based information educational environments. Winner of the Moscow Grant in education. Developer of the concept of digital science laboratories in Russian schools. Developer of refresher courses. Certified Apple® Professional Development trainer. Works on using digital technology to improve methodological techniques and models for using them in teaching schoolchildren while taking into account the requirements of the new FSES.

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