Elena Kacheva

Methodologist Center of development of education

The author developed and carried out 11 network projects, remote MK «Achievements of Metasubject Results of Training Through Design Activity of School Library», «Why to the Librarian Project?», «I Want in the Project!»; the tutor of the workshop «The Network Project at Elementary School», the leader «We develop the project in library». Winner of a competition of drafts of the program «Intel. Education for the future», a competition of the network projects «Wise Owl». Winner of the competition «Success Stories». Author-originator of a grant «Internet services as instrument of increase in reader’s activity of school students» and coauthor of a grant Reading +». Prepares for protection of the master’s thesis «Network projects as the instrument of inclusion of school library in teaching and educational process of school».

Party session

Cloud technologies in design activities of schoolchildren