Elena Klimkovich

Elementary school teacher, School No. 1200 in Moscow

Honorary worker in general education of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the School Methodological Association, an active participant in online pedagogical communities.

Developed and implemented 2 network projects: Wonder of Wonders at Nachalka.com and The White-Stone Gold of Russia (developed in the Project Incubator). She co-hosted E. A. Vostryakova's workshop Pedagogical Training Secrets. Tutor for the Kupalovskiy Projects 2016, 2017 marathon. Author and host of the First Steps Towards Network Projects workshop as part of the Kupalovskiy Projects 2017 marathon. Supervisor of the Wonders Around Us educational plan. In professional work, she is interested in ICT technologies for children, increasing interest in reading among children and adults, techniques for developing critical thinking through reading and writing.

Party session

Cloud technologies in design activities of schoolchildren