Kirill Zavedensky

Deputy Head of the project office of the KosmOdis All-Russian Design Platform

He has implemented more than 10 innovative projects since 2012 (including setting up nanolaboratories at schools, creating a network of digital labs at school, and creating greenhouses powered by renewable energy sources).

In 2016, he organized and hosted 7 KosmOdis children's projects festivals. Has citations for implementation of projects from the Ministry of Education of Kaliningrad, Moskovskaya Region, KMAD-Yugra, AGT International Communication Agency AGT and others.

Project Office Consultant of the Moskovskaya Regional Government, winner of a scholarship from the President of the Russian Federation in 2016 in priority areas.

Interests: project management, project implementation in education, children's startups, facilitation.

Party session

Agile at school: from lessons to real-world projects