Anastacia Kay

MSc Candidate in Cognitive Science University of Vienna

Originally a Corporate Finance major by education, Anastacia always envisioned a stellar Corporate career for years to come. She started her professional life in Management Consulting, where she worked within Banking and Financial Services across CEE and CIS regions. Later she spent several years within FinTech, dealing with Digital Banking and Payments, covering Islamic banking on North African and Middle Eastern markets. In-between, she taught Accounting at her alma mater, which was partly where her lifelong passion for education and learning rekindled as never before, and ultimately took over.

Today Anastacia is a YouTube Influencer based in Slovenia and Austria, leading a successful channel with 285 000+ subscribers and 77 000+ Instagram followers. And she’s definitely on a mission: talking to her audience on topics of personal and professional development, cognitive science, learning and education, languages, as well as the art of mindful living. Anastacia speaks 7 languages, lived in 5 countries, worked across multiple geographies, and is well on her way to getting a Masters in Cognitive Science at the University of Vienna.

On the way to her degree and after a career in a Corporate world, Anastacia aims to steer fundamental change in the way we work. Reflecting on her own experience and after studying Cognitive Science she came to believe there are different, better ways to organise the workplace that’s a win-win for both the companies and their employees. By altering some of the fundamentals: from the way physical spaces are organised, to work processes, policies, and work-based learning — a tremendous difference can be made. Anastacia promotes her work-related vision not just via engaging the topic on YouTube, but also by various Public Speaking appearances.

In the end though, Anastacia’s vision and mission are simple: to help her audience leverage knowledge, experience and insights to improve their personal and professional lives. By learning how to study better, work optimally, and live mindfully.

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