Anatoliy Suzdaltsev

CEO of General VR

More than 15 years of experience in implementing 3D and PLM solutions at major engineering, construction, mining and high-tech companies. Expert in corporate level VR/AR solutions for life cycle management systems as well as project and risk management. Extensive experience with major IT companies, the real sector, and creation of one of the first training centers in modern technologies for engineers.

General VR LLC develops and implements corporate virtual and augmented reality solutions for training production and non-production staff, designing new facilities, and improving the efficiency of maintenance and repair processes. The solutions are designed for the following sectors: power engineering, metallurgy, petrochemicals, transportation, aerospace, mechanical engineering, and mining industries. The company is a member of LANIT SC, one of the largest Russian integrators (according to IDC and RA EXPERT).

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Virtual Technologies in Education AR and VR release education from physical limitations