Stepan Gorin

Supervisor trainers team Unilever

Stepan Gorin leads the business-training stream in Unilever. Having started in various sales-related positions in such companies as Coca-Cola HBC and 1C:Konstanta, in 2012 he then redirected his professional focus to the area of corporate training. Since 2014 Stepan has been actively exploring, designing and employing digital tools in training and team management.

Recently his team has launched learning channels and bots in Telegram focused at supporting field sales, and an interactive corporate web-portal with materials for the sales teams. Under Stepan’s management in Unilever there has been launched a negotiations simulator (Skillary) and a digital platform for development and training of the field sales force.

Party session

Online simulations and «serious games» — a new chance for training communication skills: experience of Unilever and Nestle