Oksana Silanteva

Founder Silamedia

Multimedia producer and interactive education expert. Consulter and coach for journalists, storytellers, media managers and educators. The author of courses in storytelling, producing, multimedia journalism and multimedia technologies, presentation skills and storytelling. MA in Multimedia Journalism (Bournemouth University, England).

The creator of interactive workshops 'Multimedia Barista' for producers and authors and 'Multimedia Cafe' for media managers. So-author of 4 books on multimedia journalism and storytelling. The creator of 'Multimedia Challenge Cup' — online platform for professional flip-education. In 2016 Oksana conducted 69 workshops in 23 cities of Russia during The MediaPowerTour. More than 3000 students learn on her distant and mixed courses. Oksana created mediamap.me — Media skills map.

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Innopark Track Curator Career guidance in the age of the AI invasion